Academic Journal TheТеrritory of New Opportunities. The Herald of Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service

Issuable since 2009

The Journal Founder and Publisher: State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Training “Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES)”

Head Editor: Alexander P. Latkin, Doctor of Science, Economics, Professor

Remit of the “The Теrritory of New Opportunities. The Herald of Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service” journal responds to the following sciences and requirements of State Rubricator of Scientific and Technical Information (SRSTI)

  • 05.00.00 Technical Science
  • 08.00.00 Economic Sciences
  • 12.00.00 State and Law. Science of Law
  • 23.00.00 Political Sciences
  • 24.00.01 Тheory and History of Culture

Articles are free-issued.

Specificity of VSUES academic journal as a university bulletin allows for publishing articles based on a wide range of scholarly researches.

International Standard Serial Number of the Journal – ISSN 2073-3984

Media Outlet Registration Certificate Number – ПИ № ФС 77-70135

Subscription Index for “Russia Press” Union Catalogue – Е45069

The academic journal has been involved into the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) national data analytics platform and placed in several electronic sources.

The academic journal issues are out of print quarterly: in March, June, September and December.

Welcome to scientific cooperation are lecturers, researchers, post-graduate students, and candidates for a master's degree.

Electronic manuscript is to be sent to: File name in Roman transliteration should match the author’s surname (e.g., ivanov.doc/docx).

The article structure should respond to the requirements of documents proofreading and layout design.

The article issuance meets the requirements to submitting, reviewing and publishing research papers.

The hardcopy (paper-based) manuscript of the article should be submitted to the editorial staff of the journal.

Postal address: 690014, Gogol Str., 41, Room 1341, Vladivostok, Primorskij Krai, Russia.

Publication Ethics Policy

The journal editorial staff in its official capacity is guided by the assumptions of Chapter 70 “Copyright law” of the RF Civil Code and International Committee of Publication Ethics (СОРЕ) recommendations – resources/flowcharts.

Allowed for publication are the papers that haven’t been issued earlier. Nevertheless, rejected may appear to be the articles of extremist nature ascribing rigged and incorrect assessments to scientific papers, аnd research findings posing a danger for humans or/and animals.

Publisher – Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service – provides statutory compliance of RF as to mass media information, collaboration with other publishers and industry associations to increase their publishing activity and citation index.

Editorial Council is in charge of the published content; providing the integrity of papers; proofreading and/or justified refusal to those scholars whose manuscripts do not conform to research or editorial ethics; securing the other parties rights from illegal use of materials.

Reviewers participate in the editorial policy formation; meet the requirements as to the terms of papers reviewing and privacy of manuscript evaluations.

Editorial staff provides papers correspondence to academic standards and internationally recognized ethic norms for scientific editions and guarantees safety of the author(s) personal information obtained.

Authors are in charge of selecting and validity of the evidence, citation, statistical data, proper names, geographical names and other data, involving those that are not for public media.

Authors offer оriginal works, avoiding plagiarism and/or consomitant publications in other editions. The authors are bound over to submit their papers to experts’ approval and conform to cooperating with the copy team in so far as relevant improving, reduction / extention of the article text in accord with the expert comments. Attached to the research article submitted should be the author/ authors’ consent to publication (in paper and /or electronic form), which is the auto acknowledgement of the copyrighted research paper, including the text body, and placed within it drawings, charts, photos, graphs and tables. While publishing, indicated must be not more than 5 (co)authors. If more than those participated in the research and paper writing, some of them (by the the сollective body determination) must be included into the reference on the signed page of the article or into the author’s endnote.

On having got a manuscript enacted, the author(s) enter(s) into a publishing license contract with the editorial board and send(s) them the paper electronic copy.

Within an issue of a journal there might be published not more than two articles of the same author, including those co-authored.

Scientometrical Data Bases: The editorial board disclaims all liability relating the issuance terms of the articles published in Russian Science Citation Index database.

Publishing Department of Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service

 The goal of the Publishing Department is the effective implementation and dynamic development of all areas of the editorial and publishing activities of the University:

 providing the educational and scientific process with high-quality publications prepared by the faculty of the university;

  • popularization of the results of research work of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the University aimed at implementing the University's strategy in the areas of scientific and educational activities, in cooperation with the leading universities of the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • publication of the academic journal "The Territory of new opportunities. The Herald of the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service;
  • providing additional services to compensate for the costs of publishing activities of the university.

Head of Publishing Department: Lidiya E. Strikauskas
 +7 (423) 240-40-54; e-mail:
90014, Vladivostok, Gogolya st., 41, of. 1341

Editorial address

690014, Russia, Vladivostok, Gogolya st., 41, of. 1341

+7 (423) 240-40-54

Head Editor

Alexander P. Latkin,
Doctor of Science, Economics, Professor

8 (423) 240-43-00

Executive secretary

Liudmila A. Kharitonova

8 (423) 240-41-46